2019 Blog Plan

I officially launched the blog on the 31st of May, which makes it six months of blogging, but unofficially two months of blogging. Unofficially, because i stopped blogging to focus on school and exams. At first i believed i could handle both with equal attention. At a point, i got to realize i had to... Continue Reading →


Married – man, Single – girl Relationship

This is one post, i almost did not write, for some reason, i have written it and its here. No backing out now. First question i need to ask, is why do people actually get married, what is the real reason for deciding to tell the world you like this person, and henceforth we will... Continue Reading →

One Night Stand

As Nigerians, we always know somebody, that knows another person. We interact on day to day basis, and pick up gist and stories happening around us. Sometimes, you have solutions to offer, other times, not so much. This incident may seem confusing, but am sure a solution is hiding some where. So lets just call... Continue Reading →


Tattoos are a form of modifying the body, designs are made by use of ink, dyes and pigment which can be temporary or permanent. Tattoos can be decorative, which most people have today, it can also be symbolic or holding special meaning to the wearer In the olden days, tattoos were seen as a form... Continue Reading →


Water is Life, Yes... Argreed But do we know the purpose of water in our bodies, honestly speaking, I am sure I didn't know how important water is to metabolism (Hehehehe... Feeling like a science student, that I am not) So what do we need to know about water, that can help our bodies, and... Continue Reading →

SHATTERED (episode 1)

When i met Stephanie, she was the most amazing person i had ever come across. We met at my cousin's jewellery shop, where i was working until i went for NYSC. She was a regular customer at the shop, always looking for top notch jewellery, and i had the impression that she was a rich... Continue Reading →


Normally my Saturdays are usually starts with me waking up pretty late,then i watch movies or read a good book, sometimes attend a wedding, that's if i get invited to one, seeing that all my friends have decided to keep searching. Last month, a friend of mine told me to save the date, July 14th,... Continue Reading →


For the last one month, my ears have not had rest, its either one neighbor is shouting about a particular player, or a particular country who couldn't get their act right, and was given the boot. What i cant seem to understand, is why people go hysterical over, what i call A GAME.Seriously, its just... Continue Reading →

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