Welcome to my Blog

Hi guys, you are very much welcome to my blog…I know i usually say writing is not my style,and i prefer videos, but recently i felt the need to start writing and putting my expressions on paper ‘literally’.  The blog is going to be address topics ranging from lifestyle, health,relationships etc, same like the you tube channel.

The blog will officially start of on the 1st of June…I picked 1st of June basically for one reason, its a day after my birthday…’yea right’, lemme still be older than baby blog  ‘lol’.

I know we are going to have so much fun here,interacting,learning and being real( big criteria), so tell a friend,to tell a friend klassique Dee’s blog is ready for take of .

if you have a poem,a story,an event,anything at all that’s fun and entertaining that we can learn from,what ever it may be,send me a mail,and i will gladly post it.

Do not forget to follow on Instagram and twitter @klassique_dee


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