Malaria: The Ignored Menace 1

In Nigeria today, we tend to see malaria as a normal case scenario, someone falls sick,even if the malaria remains untreated, the mentality is that it will eventually go. Ask a typical Nigerian mother,”‘ah mama Kunle, why kunle dey vomit up and down,she will tell you, eh my sister,na small malaria e get,e go soon well” . This goes on in many part of the country,even among the so-called educated and elite.

Malaria can be deadly,take it from me, I have witnessed bad malaria cases, i had a secondary school mate who suffered cerebral malaria,and the whole episode was no jokes, it has left a permanent fear of malaria in me.


This menace kills over one million people each year,with a population of over one hundred and forty people,Nigeria already has 23% of world malaria cases,which is so bad because malaria is something that can be reduced to the barest minimum if certain precautions are taken.


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