Shawarma spots in Choba, Port Harcourt

As you may know by now if you follow me on social media pages, i am a food lover,anything food,whether junk food or partially healthy food, i am your girl.

So based on my love for food i decided to explore shawarma spots in Choba. Choba is a small community located in rivers state Nigeria, and it houses the famous university of Port Harcourt. In this post I’ll be telling you about all the places i have been to just to get shawarma, what i loved about each place and of course my ratings.

if you happen to know any spot around Choba,i haven’t been to, let me know about it in the comment section and also give your own ratings,of spots you have been to.


First off my list will have to be Jovit Shawarma, Jovit is a fast food located along the east-west road, beside the university teaching hospital, now the shawarma is quite big, has two sausages, and is creamy,now if you are craving vegetable or healthy shawarma Jovit got you covered.

Next up,is Hardy pizza,hardy is located along the NTA-location road,not so far off from Choba….now if you are craving meaty and spicy shawarma, hardy is your go to guy, but it contains just one sausage and its not extremely big

Now we have a shawarma spot, called shawarma spot ‘literally’, its located at Choba junction,and its owned by a school mate, her shawarma is made according to your specification,so what ever you want, spicy, beefy,healthy…she’s good to go,and just like hardy it has just one sausage and its not so big

Kilimanjaro Shawarma, has everything you need to make heaven “hehehe” kidding, but its really good, and its big but as usual contains one sausages.

Last on my list is Genesis Shawarma, its also located along the Choba road,close to Uniport gate, and this shawarma is to die for, it contains two sausages, vegetables, and chicken, and its extra creamy.

Now based on all these, i want to drop my ratings, from the top……..”drum-roll please”

  1. Hardy Shawarma
  2. Genesis Shawarma
  3. Kilimanjaro Shawarma
  4. Jovit Shawarma

What spots haven’t i found? ,Which is your favorite within and outside port harcourt city?


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