TV Series that you can not miss out

Recently i have found myself watching TV series more often that regular movies, at first i found it strange, because i am a fan of normal regular movies that end in a space of two hours. So now you have an idea of why it looked weird, now watching series is what i do best ,whether old or new series, i do not mind. i know a lot of people that i have introduced to TV series and got hooked on them, so am going to be making a list of some series you need to start watching, as soon as you have some free time on your hands.. No need to thank me, what are friends for?

All you can do, is leave your comments about how you found these series, and let us know which one you would love us to watch, you may know about a series we have not heard about. So here it goes

  1. American Housewife: Do i really need to explain why i fell in love with this sitcom, it tells the story of an Average American housewife raising three kids ,alongside her husband in the expensive town of Westport. My favorite character happens to be Anna Kate.



2) Royal pains: You just have to love the cute and sexy Dr hank, who makes house calls to the rich Hampton house owners while trying to have a personal life, a good relationship with Boris, and of course deal with his brother



3) Castle: Its a detective and crime series, with a touch of comedy. a book writer Richard castle gets to work along side a smart and sexy detective Kate Beckett.. This humor, love between these two is so over whelming.

index 8


4) The Librarians:  I honestly do not know where to start from, all the twist, turns, history. This movie is top notch,no wonder its still running. you can not afford sitting this series out.


5) Two Broke girls: When i am down, or in need of a series to cheer me up, two broke girls does the job perfectly, though the series was cancelled, it does not stop it from breen so good, hilarious and entertaining.



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