A Date with Fun

This  post has been drafted three times,and all i do i to clear it out and rewrite. Solely for one reason,there’s so much to say, so I’ll start from where i feel you guys would enjoy.

I had plans for a really long time, to have a girls day out with my friends, but trust me to always find a way to procrastinate, anybody that knows me so well would know by now, that is one of my major flaws, i have a Ph.D in postponing ,anyways that is a work in progress right now.

So luck gave us an opportunity, a free lecture day, that joy when you know a class is not going to hold,it gives you more than enough motivation. I had to go home, change into something comfy,and off we went.

Our first stop was sweet tooth confectioneries and coffee shop, which is located at Tombia street, in GRA axis of Port Harcourt, looking at the shop from the outside, doesn’t give you that feeling of  ‘yes, i am in sugar paradise’, but when you step in,your reaction changes,mine became ‘OMG…..i have arrived….lol’. So many flavors of ice cream, best part, you can actually taste all flavors before you make your pick. Being a chocolate lover, i ended up death by chocolate and another i cant remember, accompanied by jam doughnuts. The environment is so cool and colorful, and prices happen to be affordable.


Next stop, Genesis centre, it happens to be opposite sweet tooth, now genesis houses the eatery, cinema and cool FM radio station. After all the plenty talk about watching movies, we ended up touring the entire building, and settling down for lunch. I can say genesis has the best turkey, now genesis at GRA, has a great variety of foods, much more than the branch at Choba. I happen to fall in love with the Ghana jollof rice, after all my talk about ‘jollof is jollof’., But i wasn’t so impressed with the peppered chicken for two reasons, i couldn’t get the peppery feel and it was smaller than grilled chicken,which is the same prices. Chicken and chips as usual, was great.

In all, it was more about the fun and memories created, and am glad i actually took time out, i know my friends would have slaughtered me if i tried to escape the outing.


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