The Aso-ebi Syndrome

I have known Sandra since my secondary school, she was my senior in school, after she graduated we remained close. She has been dating Mark for the last four years,and they where planning to settle down towards the last quarter of the year. When Sandy got engaged, she called me and screamed with excitement, i was happy and proud of her. Finally she was settling down with a guy who loves her more than anyone. She even threw and engagement party.

I was to help her plan her wedding, and visit the dress shop with her, unfortunately i was so preoccupied with school work,and i couldn’t go with her. So her cousin did all the hustle and bustle. Soon it was time for the traditional wedding, plans were in place, everything was going fine. I was there to help her out, she was all smiles, looking great and happy. The church wedding was scheduled to hold one month latter.

My phone rang out. Sandy was calling, ”Dee my aso ebi is ready oo, and it cost 15k’, i told her okay, I’ll get back to you, and hung up.

Now this is the issue, the color of the day, happens to be colors i have, and i see no need buying the aso ebi, i am not on her bridal train,i am just a wedding guest. Three days latter, i called Sandy and informed her, that i wouldn’t buying the material, seeing that i already have clothes to wear that matches the color of the day, and of course my wonderful Sandy picked offense in that.

I am not someone who thinks that you should wear or even sell aso ebi for a wedding or any event, reasons being that, people may have the colors, and do not need to buy yours, why would you make someone borrow or go broke because you want them to wear uniform. If i had my way wearing of aso ebi will be prohibited, Seriously, must you wear the same cloth. What is so wrong with you giving a color, everybody go and buy your own or wear what you have. A group of friends may decide to wear the same color, good for you, go to the market and get yours. The different varieties of colors makes the wedding look glamorous and beautiful. May this is the reason why i can not join any meeting or association that demands members to wear uniforms ‘ ko le werk ” for me,

Right now, i have picked out my lovely dress for Sandy’s wedding, and i am going to rock it like no man’s business….heheheh ‘ i may see husband there, who knows”.

Are you Pro or Anti Aso ebi ?


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