For the last one month, my ears have not had rest, its either one neighbor is shouting about a particular player, or a particular country who couldn’t get their act right, and was given the boot. What i cant seem to understand, is why people go hysterical over, what i call A GAME.

Seriously, its just a game, why would you cry, because Messi scored less goals than expected. Here’s the thing, am not a great fan of any sport, “yea, am that weird”, but i have an idea of how most popular sports are played.

I tried as much as possible to follow up, all the highlights of every game…..Yup i did, over 17 matches. So with every match, i had my great players, and not so great players( every one has a player whom they adore), and no, i dint shout or scream at my TV set, or incite any argument concerning the game.

On my list of great players i would say N’Golo Kante, Luka Modric and Romelu Lukaka and my not too good players turned out to be Roman Torres, Thomas Muller, and Harry Kane.

So i drafted this one, before England played with Belgium, put i was unable to post it,i was hoping deep in my heart that England would beat Belgium, now my heart has been crushed,and is still i n the process of mending.

i wanted England to win, partly because we were colonized by them( cliche right), and partly because i have family members who are British citizens( at all,at all, bad pass…let it them still have something to hold on to)

My second choice is France, please don’t ask me why ( if you have met a cute french dude, then you would know what am talking about).

Now i would not want Croatia to win, simply because they did not have the fear of God when they scored, at least they should have let us get out of group stage, though am quite impressed to know that they have a female president

Which country are you rooting for?