Normally my Saturdays are usually starts with me waking up pretty late,then i watch movies or read a good book, sometimes attend a wedding, that’s if i get invited to one, seeing that all my friends have decided to keep searching.

Last month, a friend of mine told me to save the date, July 14th, at a point i forgot about it, until two weeks ago, when i started seeing the fliers and i remembered the event. To be honest, i had second thoughts about going, i thought about everything i wanted to achieve that day, but i guess my interest to know more about the event got the greater part of me.

So i started of my Saturday, by waking up early, got dressed up in my jeans, off i went to the State university, Rivers State where the program was to holding. The university is situated at Mile 3, Diobu which is quite a distance from where i stay. I got there a little after 11am, for a program that was to start at 10am…..”you can crucify me for going late, i accept, i was late”

The theme for the event, was tagged “Ancient woman in the 21st Century”. The invited guest speakers, some came all the way from Abuja,were outstanding, gracious and gave their utmost best in trying to make everyone understand who the ancient woman is, and what she stands for”. They tried to reconnect the youths of today, with values and morals which are being ignored and seen as irrelevant.

In my subsequent post, i would elaborate more on who the ancient woman is. If i am being honest, i would say i had a very wonderful time, the dance group, poets, and rapper amazed me ( the dance group literally killed  the performance) . Time passes so quickly when you are having fun,before i knew it, the program came to an end.

Saturdays may be uneventful, most times, but this past Saturday was excitement packed, all thanks to a young lady who saw the need to remind us about the morals and value our parents and grand-parents held dearly, and never took for granted, these same values that would continue to guide us through life.


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