SHATTERED (episode 1)

When i met Stephanie, she was the most amazing person i had ever come across. We met at my cousin’s jewellery shop, where i was working until i went for NYSC. She was a regular customer at the shop, always looking for top notch jewellery, and i had the impression that she was a rich lady, who had married well.

When ever, she comes around we discuss about what i want to do after service. During one of our discussions, i asked a personal question, on how she was able to become to rich, if she was married to a senator, if she was born rich, how many children she had. She laughed at all my questions, and told me i wouldn’t understand’.

She came to the store, two weeks later, and we caught up on our discussion, i had made up my mind not to prob further, so as not to be disrespectful. She left the store in a hurry, not before whispering into my ears “i will tell you my story when next i come”



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