One Night Stand

As Nigerians, we always know somebody, that knows another person. We interact on day to day basis, and pick up gist and stories happening around us. Sometimes, you have solutions to offer, other times, not so much. This incident may seem confusing, but am sure a solution is hiding some where.

So lets just call her “A” .  “A” was dating Mr Y, for two years, she met him in her final year in the university. He was able to secure her a good job in an oil servicing firm. Two perfect years of pure bliss, until the dude decided working over time at the hospital was more important than he’s girl. Mr Y became too busy for phone calls, and weekend dinner dates.

Boom, then came uncle knight in shinny amour, they met at the company’s end of month party, he worked in another department of the company. They hit it off, and became close friends, he was always there for ” A” when Mr Y was too busy at work or out of town. Mr Y got to know him as he’s girlfriends’ bestie. The guys went out for drink when work could permit.

And the story went on, with uncle shinny knight, “A” and other colleagues from work went out for a TGIF party, things went out of hand, “A” got drunk and couldn’t drive home. Uncle, decided to drive her.

Being drunk , “A” and uncle, had sex. The next morning, they realized the deed had already occurred, and the hands of the clock can not be turned back. “A” loved Mr Y with every bit of her soul, and was turn between telling Mr Y ,and keeping it a secret. To complicate matters, uncle shinny knight decided he wants to fall in love with “A” .

“A” was shocked, this isn’t what she planned, she didn’t love shinny knight, and she was scared to tell Mr Y, for fear of losing him.

Personally, i will say “A” should man up ( lol, or woman up) and tell Mr Y the truth, explain everything to him. What ever action he decides to take, she has to accept it in good faith.

One night stands, may be fum but the implications may be dreadful, especially if you are in a relationship with someone you really like, and want to spend more time with.


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