Tattoos are a form of modifying the body, designs are made by use of ink, dyes and pigment which can be temporary or permanent.

Tattoos can be decorative, which most people have today, it can also be symbolic or holding special meaning to the wearer

In the olden days, tattoos were seen as a form of identity like the Koita people of Paupa New Guinea. But today most people see tattoos as dirt. Any one who has a tattoo on, is tagged wayward, a cultist or someone involved in illegal activities. How can you believe someone doesn’t have home training just because of a tattoo

Just because a person has decided to became creative, does not mean they have no home training. Personally, i see tattoos as an expression, a story in pictures.

Henna drawings for example are used for celebrations e.g wedding ceremonies where i come from. On a good day i can decide to get a henna tattoos ( which would eventually wash out). It does not mean i would stop being respectful or polite. It just means at that point in time, there is something i want to express or showcase.

I may be wrong, in any case different strokes, for different folks.


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