WHAT NEXT : Life after graduation

Welcome to the real word, Yes life just got real. I can say this, because just like you i recently finished the first phase of my university education, and here comes the first phase of real adult life. Believe me when i say, the real word isn’t easy.

To survive and make it in the Real world, there are certain things we need to be equipped with, which many of us may discover too late, or never at all. What i am about to share may seem of little or no importance to you. but trust me, it would be beneficial to someone.

The first thing i would say is university does not teach you every thing you need to know about your chosen career. Improving ourselves is a very necessary criteria to move ahead in life. Learning is a process, so instead of sitting home doing nothing, why not try and get a job as an intern, no matter how small or insignificant the job may seem. This helps to improve your knowledge of your chosen field, gain practical experience and improve communication.

Many of us are patiently waiting for youth service, so we tend to laze around doing nothing, or visiting all the cinemas around us. Instead of doing this why not learn a skill.

Nowadays, skills are very much needed and sought after. You may not be 100% perfect at what ever skill you decide to learn, but there’s something to occupy you and keep busy.

No one is above mistakes, just because you are a graduate, doesn’t make everything you say accurate and correct. Learn from others, be open to ideas, corrections and new knowledge.

Never look down on others, in Nigeria you never know who is who. Always remain polite, cheerful and respectful.

Most of all, learn the habit of saving, no matter how little. At the end of the day it accumulates to something tangible. You may not know the importance of savings until you become flat broke.

It may not apply to you, but someone may find it useful.


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