2019 Blog Plan

I officially launched the blog on the 31st of May, which makes it six months of blogging, but unofficially two months of blogging. Unofficially, because i stopped blogging to focus on school and exams. At first i believed i could handle both with equal attention. At a point, i got to realize i had to focus solely on one, which was school, then building the brand would follow.

About the Vlog, most people ask, why i stopped blogging. I have not stopped, its just a project, that is still growing. So many plans are in the pipeline for the vlog. And hopefully by God’s grace, next year the vlog will be back in a better way.

December is one month away, and i have a lot to achieve in 2019….But first, what have i really learnt from blogging during these few months? A lot actually, and i plan to improve with what i have learnt. Some of my blog plan for 2019, will be

1) The first will be, to blog consistently, school is done so no stopping now.

2) Be more open about the blog, people do not know i blog, and its a big hindrance

3) Do movie reviews, something, i never got around to do in 2018

4) Make the blog more interactive, with giveaways and contest

5) Do lots of collaboration

6) Share more guest post, i do not know why i never did that in 2019

7) And most of all use feedback from you all, to grow the blog

What are your plans/ goal for 2019 ?



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