Married – man, Single – girl Relationship

This is one post, i almost did not write, for some reason, i have written it and its here. No backing out now.

First question i need to ask, is why do people actually get married, what is the real reason for deciding to tell the world you like this person, and henceforth we will be living together. If some one can give me a good answer, then half of my questions have been answered.

So there is something going on, probably a trend, where a woman/ man gets married, but still has a relationship with a single lady/ dude. It’s amazing. Why would you go into a relationship with oga, that you know is already married. Mind you, it’s not a platonic relationship, you automatically become the side chick, that Oga tries so hard to hid from the Mrs.

What exactly are you hoping to achieve? A car? A house? It’s not like oga is giving you billions to establish a good business. The annoying part, is that these men prey on university students. Only God knows if there is a tag on foreheads, saying all university girls are after married men. These married men probably brag and talk about the acclaimed “side chicks” to all their friends and sometimes trade by batter

In Essence, oga  why did you get married, if your wife isn’t what you want, “biko” divorce and marry your side chick, same goes for guys.

Stick to your marriage, face it and fix what ever is broken. My two cents though.


2 thoughts on “Married – man, Single – girl Relationship

  1. Nishtha Gehija says:

    Last line is very powerful about sticking to your marriage and figuring things out….it is the hard thing of learning to deal with that mess – that people go out and find another temporary partner


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