Few Things I Have Learnt From Blogging

Through out my primary school days, i loved reading books, books more advanced for my age, some how i always understood what i always read. Then came secondary school, i started writting essays, because i loved the thrill it gave me.

People who know mw well, know that i love to talk, i can categorically say, my name was always on the noisey list.” Lol”, Talking was practically a hobby, which lead me to asking questions i shouldnt ask ( it happens when you decide to read books,you shouldn’t read) ,and always having an answer to everyone.

Then came my Youtube channel, a place where i could be my self, and vent…. Vent about things i saw and didnt like, things i like, and show what i did in my spare time. I realised that, being a You Tuber was fun, but i didnt have enough time to become a full time vlogger. It was all in my head, The images and content i had for the vlog, was all in my head. I needed more time to develop myself, and of course have enough time on my hands to vlog.

In the meantime, i stuck to blogging, and am loving every bit of it. It’s still a long way to go, and i couldnt have gotten this far without my avid readers and God by my side.

During these past months, i learnt alot from blogging:

  1. Nothing good comes easy, keep striving, passion is key. With God all things come true.
  2. No man is an island, check out other blogs / content creators. Make friends with bloggers that would give guienue advise. You will learn more.
  3. Be original, always pen down how and what you feel. This was an inital problem i had, because i wasc worried about who was going to stumble across it. I am getting a hang of it.
  4. Writer’s Bloc is inevitable, when it happens. Remain focused, read other blogs, read books, newspapers, fashion magazines. Inspiration will always strike.
  5. You wouldnt get tons of comments and likes, all a once. It takes a while, its all a gradual process.
  6. Collaborations are important, dont ignore it
  7. Above all be patient and steadfast. Never forget to pray for gudiance.

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