Blogmas – Day 5

Its Day six already, i know. So to make up for lost days, i’ll be dropping two post today, subsequently, it would be one a day. Care to know when the post drops, help us to help you and subscribe to the newsletter or follow the blog.

So what are we going to talk about today. The festive season is here, and recently i have been drawn to movies. I would be dropping a list of movie i think you should check out this christmas season, bearing in mind that some may not be christmas movies, but they are good movies to keep you engrossed.

imagechristmas movie

I also found myself watching loads of netflix movies, and irotv movies.

Irokotv movies, are Nigerian movies produced, directed by Nigerians as well, although they also offer some indian movie. So here goes my list of top movies to watch this christmas , in no particular order

  1. Christmas Inheritance: It is an American  Christmas romantic comedy film directed by Ernie Barbarash. It tells us about Ellen Langford who is about to inherit her father’s toy production business, but she has to deliver a letter to her dad’s former partner in snow falls, where she experiences the true meaning of christmas, and finds her christmas spirit.
  2. A Christmas Prince: The royal wedding: This movie was realsed about a week ago, a christmas romantic comedy directed by John Schultz. A continuation of the first movie, a christmas prince. In this movie the newly engaged couple Amber and Richard. Amber continue blogging about the royal palace, but doesnt have control over her own wedding. What would she do to solve this, and put everyone in place.
  3. The Princess switch: Starring our  High school musical sweetheart, Vanessa Hudgens, who plays stacey DeNovo a pastry chef owner, who travels to the kingdom of Belgravia with her co owner kevin and he’s daughter oliva. Things take a diffrent turn when she discovers he look alike.
  4. Orunsewa: Lovers of Nigerain movies, will enjoy this.  Orunsewa falls inlove with a prince she sees on earth, she leaves her home in heaven, only to discover the hert of man is wicked
  5.  Dear Santa: It is a Lifetime original movie. A young girl writes a letter to santa, wishing for a mother, and a wife for her dad. Will santa grant her wish?

I’ll be back with some more christmas movies, enjoy these and let me know what you think about them.

In the spirit of Blogmas check out  for his post, on what christmas meant growing up, and what it means now



3 thoughts on “Blogmas – Day 5

  1. Annabel Amabibi says:

    Funny thing is I have not seen any of the movies you mentioned. I just wonder what I’ve been watching.

    I love the movie “LOVE ACTUALLY”. I have loved it for years. It’s a briatish movie about different people’s lives during christmas.

    Thank you for these movies Dee. I will definitely check them out.


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