20 Days of Blogmas

*Drumroll please*

Its offically 20 days until christmas, and i am so excited.

What is blogmas you may ask, well i’ll tell you. Blogmas is when a blogger, like me…yea, i said it ” lol ” put up christmas themed post on their blogs, starting right from the first day of december, up until christmas day.

So now you know, whats about to go down. This year blogmas is going to be fun and exciting, practically because this is the first thing i am doing one, and also because we are going to be having some wonderful collaborations with beautiful bloogers and writters.

Why is blogmas starting late, lets just say i have been a little lazy and of course there’s that little thing called procastination.

Trust me, when i say you would enjoy blogmas from us all, and there is also going to be a christmas tag from all your faviorite bloggers. Is there anyone you have in mind, all you have to do, is drop the name in the comment box.

Still wondering who i will be collaborating with this year? I’ll put you out of all that thinking immediately.

We have

  • The wonderful and beautiful blogger who creativity is one to watch out for, she runs the blog ” Your regular Nigerian” which focuses on lifestyle, self help and of course regular nigerian problems. You can check out her blog on http://www.yourregularnigerian.com and also on instagram @yourregularnigerian
  • The only guy blogger, we have for blogmas. He runs a motivation and inspiration blog, so if you are looking for where to get inspired, he’s your guy. Check out he’s blog on http://www.misterjacque.wordpress.com and on twitter @jacquebreg
  • There’s the delectable Dee, she runs a lifestyle blog, so anything about real life, she’s your go- to girl. Check out her blog on http://www.deeawata.wordpress.com and on instagram @deeawata
  • The beautiful and stylish beauty blogger, she runs the brand yellow sisii. Trust me she is the real yellow sisii. Any thing you need to know about beauty tips, make up and skin care routine, she your main girl. Check out her blog on http://www.yellowsisii.com and on instagram @wendiie_o

So, all you need to do is sit, read and enjoy blogmas from us all

And you can follow the hash tag #naijablogmas


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