Blogmas – Day 6 ( Hair care routine during the harmattan)

For some reason, i do not enjoy the harmattan period. Probably becuase it gets so cold in the mornings, and bathing becomes daunting task, injuries becomes more painful, skins start cracking, hairs start spliting.

But there is nothing, we can do to take the weather away, all we can do is to make the best out of it.

So here are some tips on how to properly take care of our hair to aviod dryness and breakage.

  1. Stay away from shampoos, very important. Shampoos tend to dry out the hair. Instead cowash, co washing, involves using only conditioner.  Cowash helps retain moisture and will still give you clean  hair and still condition it and keep it soft. Cowash with warm water not cold water.  This season, cowashing becomes bae.


2. If you decide to leave your hair loose, always moisturize. Moisturizing the hair water content in check, being that harmattan’s main purpose is to dry out the hair. Always use a water based moisturizer.


3. Deep conditioning also helps, for those of us, who intend to keep our hair loose.  Deep conditioner can also be home made. e.g  Aloe vera juice, Its best to use juice straight from the plant. Mix it with any conditioner and olive oil. Mix, massage into hair, wear a shower cap, leave for 30 minutes and rinse out. You can also try coconut oil, mix your conditioner with olive or coconut oil. Apply in hair, leave for 30 mins or an hour, rinse, seal and style.

4.  Always have a spray bottle at hand, it should contain water, and oil ( either coconut or olive)


5. Make protective and nice hair styles You can put on a weave, make box braids or faux locs or kinky, make cornrows or your plait your hair into waht i usually call ” calaber”



6. Weavons keep your protected from the harmattan, but it makes moisturizing harder, so the spray bottle comes in handy.

7. For attachments and braids, using cotton wool and spirit to clean the scalp, and of course spray bottle is useful here.


Are there hair care tips, you would love to share. Please let us know in the comments section.

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