Blogmas – Day 7 ( Christmas hamper ideas)

With barely 18 days until christmas, everyone is busy with christmas shopping, house decorations and of course visits to the tailor, for those who love specially sewn christmas attires.

Some of us are patiently waiting, for our christmas hampers from friends and families. Sometimes we wish to offer gifts this season, so we rush off to market to get already made hampers,that sometimes contain expired products.

You can also, make a christmas hamper treat yourself, and its as easy as anything. All you need is a basket, some  colored wrapping paper and ribbons. Once you have all these, the next major thing is what to put into the hamper.

This becomes very tricky, because you can create a chocolate treat hamper, a coffee hamper, a family hamper, or even a sugar treat hamper. To mix thimgs up, you can create a hamper containing a little of everything. To add a little fun, why not name your hamper.

Here are some ideas, to help spice us your special hamper. I’ll just list some out, and leave you with pictures , to make you hamper stand out this christmas

Like i earlier wrote, a mixture of everything turns out really nice and unique.


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