Blogmas – Day 8 ( Local markets to visit)

For those who stay  in or visit Benin city, would know that going to the markets in december  is a very annoying and stressful task, majorly because every where is croweded and shoked up with people moving from store to store, hagling over prices of goods.

I had the not so fun moment of going into the market today, trust me. It was no way near great. The hot sun practically turning you to burnt offering, the loads of people brushing by your sides saying ” madam sorry” or ” madam comot for road”. It’s that irritating.

With the hustle and tussle going on, the market place still remains the only centre that can cater for your shoppings, asides malls and super marts.

If you are planning a visit to benin city, or you are still confused on where to do your shopping, this should help draft out a guide.

First market you should visit should be Oba Market ( Eki oba in bini language). It is situated at ring road, the heart of benin city. Every thing you need can be found there, it caters for everyone, and i mean everyone. You can get your favourite jeans, of good quality right there in oba market, fruits, make up. Just name it, it’s right there.Each section / line has a name for easy identification .


Next stop, should be New benin market, God knows i get scared when i have to go down to new benin market. It’s one of the busiest markets, located at new benin ( along mission / new lagos road). It’s home to our igbo brothers that import electronics, and good fabrics. If you are searching for traditional beads, new benin market is the place to go.



You  should also pay a visit to one of the oldest market in benin city, Oliha market, It is located at siloko road. and it provides an intresting glimpse into the culture of the bini people. Aside from farm produce sold there, you can also get clothes, drinks, traditional beads, traditional worship supplies and  animals such as tortise, crocodile,snails e.t.c.


Once in benin city, do not hesistate to pay a visit to these markets.

What annoys you the most, when yougo shopping in december?

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