SHATTERED (episode 1)

When i met Stephanie, she was the most amazing person i had ever come across. We met at my cousin's jewellery shop, where i was working until i went for NYSC. She was a regular customer at the shop, always looking for top notch jewellery, and i had the impression that she was a rich... Continue Reading →



Normally my Saturdays are usually starts with me waking up pretty late,then i watch movies or read a good book, sometimes attend a wedding, that's if i get invited to one, seeing that all my friends have decided to keep searching. Last month, a friend of mine told me to save the date, July 14th,... Continue Reading →


For the last one month, my ears have not had rest, its either one neighbor is shouting about a particular player, or a particular country who couldn't get their act right, and was given the boot. What i cant seem to understand, is why people go hysterical over, what i call A GAME.Seriously, its just... Continue Reading →

Educative and Fun Facts

There are so many facts which may seem absurd and impossible to us, but in reality, they are true. Curiosity sent me on a chase, and i found some, which i have decided to share with everyone.   Pternophobia is the fear ofย  being tickled by feathers. Cherophobia is the fear of fun. Mosquitoes kill... Continue Reading →

Question of the day

Assuming, you have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Fiancee. and both of you are broke, so broke you can not afford a meal. Now a lady/Man approaches your partner, and offers to solve what ever problem they are going through( monetary and likewise), Only one one condition. Your partner has to have sex with him/her. now your partner gets... Continue Reading →

The Aso-ebi Syndrome

I have known Sandra since my secondary school, she was my senior in school, after she graduated we remained close. She has been dating Mark for the last four years,and they where planning to settle down towards the last quarter of the year. When Sandy got engaged, she called me and screamed with excitement, i... Continue Reading →

A Date with Fun

Thisย  post has been drafted three times,and all i do i to clear it out and rewrite. Solely for one reason,there's so much to say, so I'll start from where i feel you guys would enjoy. I had plans for a really long time, to have a girls day out with my friends, but trust... Continue Reading →

Malaria: The Ignored Menace 1

In Nigeria today, we tend to see malaria as a normal case scenario, someone falls sick,even if the malaria remains untreated, the mentality is that it will eventually go. Ask a typical Nigerian mother,"'ah mama Kunle, why kunle dey vomit up and down,she will tell you, eh my sister,na small malaria e get,e go soon... Continue Reading →

Welcome to my Blog

Hi guys, you are very much welcome to my blog...I know i usually say writing is not my style,and i prefer videos, but recently i felt the need to start writing and putting my expressions on paper 'literally'.ย  The blog is going to be address topics ranging from lifestyle, health,relationships etc, same like the you... Continue Reading →

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