Tattoos are a form of modifying the body, designs are made by use of ink, dyes and pigment which can be temporary or permanent. Tattoos can be decorative, which most people have today, it can also be symbolic or holding special meaning to the wearer In the olden days, tattoos were seen as a form... Continue Reading →


WHAT NEXT : Life after graduation

Welcome to the real word, Yes life just got real. I can say this, because just like you i recently finished the first phase of my university education, and here comes the first phase of real adult life. Believe me when i say, the real word isn't easy. To survive and make it in the... Continue Reading →

SHATTERED (episode 1)

When i met Stephanie, she was the most amazing person i had ever come across. We met at my cousin's jewellery shop, where i was working until i went for NYSC. She was a regular customer at the shop, always looking for top notch jewellery, and i had the impression that she was a rich... Continue Reading →

A Date with Fun

ThisĀ  post has been drafted three times,and all i do i to clear it out and rewrite. Solely for one reason,there's so much to say, so I'll start from where i feel you guys would enjoy. I had plans for a really long time, to have a girls day out with my friends, but trust... Continue Reading →

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