One Night Stand

As Nigerians, we always know somebody, that knows another person. We interact on day to day basis, and pick up gist and stories happening around us. Sometimes, you have solutions to offer, other times, not so much. This incident may seem confusing, but am sure a solution is hiding some where. So lets just call... Continue Reading →



Tattoos are a form of modifying the body, designs are made by use of ink, dyes and pigment which can be temporary or permanent. Tattoos can be decorative, which most people have today, it can also be symbolic or holding special meaning to the wearer In the olden days, tattoos were seen as a form... Continue Reading →


Water is Life, Yes... Argreed But do we know the purpose of water in our bodies, honestly speaking, I am sure I didn't know how important water is to metabolism (Hehehehe... Feeling like a science student, that I am not) So what do we need to know about water, that can help our bodies, and... Continue Reading →

Question of the day

Assuming, you have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Fiancee. and both of you are broke, so broke you can not afford a meal. Now a lady/Man approaches your partner, and offers to solve what ever problem they are going through( monetary and likewise), Only one one condition. Your partner has to have sex with him/her. now your partner gets... Continue Reading →

The Aso-ebi Syndrome

I have known Sandra since my secondary school, she was my senior in school, after she graduated we remained close. She has been dating Mark for the last four years,and they where planning to settle down towards the last quarter of the year. When Sandy got engaged, she called me and screamed with excitement, i... Continue Reading →

A Date with Fun

ThisĀ  post has been drafted three times,and all i do i to clear it out and rewrite. Solely for one reason,there's so much to say, so I'll start from where i feel you guys would enjoy. I had plans for a really long time, to have a girls day out with my friends, but trust... Continue Reading →

Malaria: The Ignored Menace 1

In Nigeria today, we tend to see malaria as a normal case scenario, someone falls sick,even if the malaria remains untreated, the mentality is that it will eventually go. Ask a typical Nigerian mother,"'ah mama Kunle, why kunle dey vomit up and down,she will tell you, eh my sister,na small malaria e get,e go soon... Continue Reading →

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